A new photograph of Arthur Rimbaud as been discovered a few days ago. The picture shows a 30-something years old man, looking bored. We all think: how can he be the flamboyant teenager who wrote Le Bateau Ivre? Even when you're a genius, nothing lasts -how unfair. The good news is: the only thing we have to worry about is now.
Music: Keith Jarrett.


Is it very difficult to show what a concert is through photography. Here is the music itself if you're curious; thank you Maud-Élisa for letting me in, before and during the gig. You're so honest that I'd like you to be seriously successful.



The sun in the branches made them look like a spider web, and the tide was so high that I saw the ocean climbing up the wooden stairs on the beach.



How would you describe inner peace? Barefoot running in the sand, conversations far from the world, welcoming ocean (even only for a short while) and eastern winds can help. Swimming in very cold water was litteraly breathtaking, reminding me that my heart is pumping for a reason.